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Rank them 1-15

Moondance Jam 29
July 16-18, 2020

Rank them 1-15

Postby Chris » Thu May 15, 2014 10:39 pm

I do this every year and it is always fun to see who everyone is excited to see. Rank the bands in order from 1-15 in order of who you are most excited to see. I had a tough time with the top 7.

1. Seether (great newer band I am just getting into - I have 3 albums now, all great)
2. Foreigner (never have seen them with Hansen sing)
3. Alter Bridge (Myles can sing)
4. REO Speedwagon (only bad thing it will be the end of the jam :cry: )
5. Sublime with Rome (what a great vibe the band puts off)
6. Styx (one of my all-time favorites, have seen them many times or they would be higher)
7. Skillet (great sound, my early prediction for a surprise performance)
8. Collective Soul (love the 90's sound they came from, great last time)
9. The Wallflowers (I really like the song The Difference)
10. Autograph (4 words - Turn Up the Radio!)
11. Don Felder (hope he plays more songs than he gets on current tour with Styx/Foreigner)
12. Badfinger (Baby Blue!!)
13. Slaughter (hope Mark Slaughter can still sing)
14. George Thorogood (left last time he played, lots of great tunes though)
15. Sick Puppies (could change after I listen to them, no clue who they are yet)
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby DrJim » Thu May 15, 2014 11:01 pm

1. Alter Bridge
2. Foreigner (Better be a better set than last night)
3. Badfinger
4. Skillet
5. Collective Soul
6. Fabulous Armadillos (yep,you read that right)
7. Thorogood
8. Styx
9. Sublime
10. Felder
11. Wallflowers
12. Seether
13. Slaughter
14. Autograph
15. Sick Puppies
16. Mountain Ash
17. REO
18. Hairball
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby Chris » Thu May 15, 2014 11:20 pm

Truth be known, if I put in the pre-jam night I would have The Fabulous Armadillos at #1. Seriously. I still can't believe how great they were last year.
The music brought me to Moondance Jam. The people bring me back.
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby Reddog » Fri May 16, 2014 1:02 am

Okie's my 2 cents

1. Styx (top 5 in my all time favorite bands)
2. Foreigner
3. Alter Bridge
4. Sick Puppies (never listened to them before they were announced, but now, really really like them)
5. Seether
6. Felder
7. Collective Soul
8. Lonesome George
9. Skillet
10. Badfinger
11. Speedwagon ( would be a lot higher if not for several bands I've never seen)
12. The Wallflowers
13. Slaughter
14. Autograph
15. Sublime ( I've tried and tried, but just can't get into them )
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby h_wimmer11 » Fri May 16, 2014 7:14 am

This is what the Jam looks like for me.

1. Seether :D
2. Alter Bridge :D
3. Skillet :D
4. Sick Puppies :D
5. Styx :D
6. REO :)
7. Slaughter :)
8. Foreigner :)
11. The Fabulous Armidillos :)
9. Badfinger ;)
10. The Wallflowers :|
12. Autograph :|
13. Mountain Ash :|
14. Sublime with Rome :roll:
16. Don Felder :roll:
15. George Thorogood :roll:
17. Hairball :twisted:
18. Collective Soul :twisted:
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby kato » Fri May 16, 2014 8:22 am

1. Foreigner
2. Sublime
3. Collective Soul
4. Styx
5. Skillet
6. Sick Puppies
7. Seether
8. Wallflowers
9. Alterbridge
10. Slaughter
11. REO
12. George Thorogood
14. Badfinger
15. Don Felder
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby petch53 » Fri May 16, 2014 9:58 am

1.Alter Bridge
2. Seether (I'll see them Tuesday with Black Smoke Cherry)
4. Felder
5. Sick Pups
6. Foreigner
7. Styx
8. Sublime
9. Wallflowers
10. Badfinger
11. George
13. REO
14. Autograph
15. Collective Soul (Not good the last time. Highlight was when the show stopped because my buddy got popped in the nose for hitting on some guy's girlfriend)
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby gopherboy6 » Fri May 16, 2014 10:14 am

It's tough for me to rank this year as I am excited about almost all of them, but here goes.

1. Skillet-wish they were playing later, apparently they have an amazing light show.
2. Sick Puppies-even before they were announced I have been listening to them and after watching videos, looks like it should be a good live show.
3. Alter Bridge-Loved these guys when they first came out and the new album is really good.
4. George-never seen him and have always wanted to.
5. Seether-been listening to these guys for a long time too!
6. Foreigner-Cuz I'm a dirty white boy...
7. Styx-seen them a few times always good, fun when Gowan plays while standing on his keyboard!
8. REO-always puts on a good show.
9. Sublime-just to sway in the sun!
10. Badfinger-great classic rock and have never seen them.
11. Slaughter-Up all night...
12. Autograph-Haven't heard Blondes in Black Cars in a long time, can't wait.
13. Don Felder-I really like Felder, only here because I have seen him a few times and somebody had to take up the lower spots.
14. Collective Soul-thought they were good last time, first band I ever saw at Moondance.
15. The Wallflowers-Hope they play Heroes, really enjoy that one.

Really looking forward to Wednesday too as Mountain Ash, The Armidillos and Hairball all rock. Bad Animals in the saloon that night too!!
Moondance Jam...the best 4, make that 7 days of my year!
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby Davage » Fri May 16, 2014 10:27 am

1. Slaughter - Mark Slaughter. Vinnie Vincent Invasion vocalist, and also all of his Slaughter stuff. Been a fan for years, never seen him.
2. Foreigner - Been listening to them since I was a kid, and have never seen them live. (Even if it is just 1 original member..)
3. Styx - Enjoyed their show at MDJ a few years back. Looking forward to seeing them again.
4. Skillet - Been listening to them for the past couple months. They are one of the newer bands that I find doesn't sound like all other "new" bands.
5. REO - Been listening to them since I was a kid too.
6. Don Felder - The Eagles have some awesome tunes..
7. Autograph - Turn Up The Radio! - I've seen some Youtube video of them performing. Should be a good rockin show.
8. Badfinger - Classic Rock!
9. Alter Bridge - Myles Kennedy and buddies I expect will put on a good show.
10. George Thorogood - Saw him at my first Jam.. Only stuck around for a couple of songs, because I was so tired from 5 days of drinking that I needed some sleep.
11. Collective Soul - Never really got into them, but I recognize their songs.
12. Wallflowers - One Headlight - One Hit Wonder (in my mind..)
13. Sublime - Could be a fun band to listen to on a sunny afternoon.
14. Sick Puppies - Skipping them. - I've listened to some of their stuff online and just can't get into them.
15. Seether - Skipping them - Same as sick puppies.
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby ShermanND » Fri May 16, 2014 11:53 am

1) Foreigner :D
2) George :D
3) Styx :D
4) RE0 :D
5) Don Felder :D
6) Bad Finger :D
7) Sublime
8) Skillet
9) Collective Soul
10) Alter Bridge
11) Seether
12) Wall Flowers
13) Slaughter
14) Autograph
15) Sick Puppies

As you can tell I am more of a Classic Rock guy. I will not make it the 3 pm bands as always golfing or at the beach or doing walk abouts.
Hope to be surprised by some of the bands I have not heard live. Daughter loves Sublime so going to go with them at #7. For the first time I will be
making all the 5pm bands. Best 5 pm bands we had in the 17 years of going to Moondance for me :D
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