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Rank 'em 2018

Moondance Jam 29
July 16-18, 2020

Rank 'em 2018

Postby Chris » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:18 pm

No one did this yet so here we go. The order of who I am most excited to see this year:

1. Ace Frehley - legend on that stage!
2. Tesla - One of the great 80's bands
3. Kix - never seen them, love so many of them are originals
4. Kid Rock - another I have never seen and they say last time was legendary!
5. Kansas - excited to finally see them play their entire career spanning hits
6. The Sweet - always good and the crowd loves them
7. GB Leighton - has a great sound, I need to listen to more of his stuff
8. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - so many great songs (please don't mess up the t-shirts this year!)
9. Jackyl - a perfect festival mid-day band
10. Lita Ford - who will do Cherry Bomb better?
11. Bret Michaels - Hoping for more than 10 songs and less Poison songs (seen them so many times)
12. Crow - what an interesting story, disbanded so long, now doing a 50th Anniversary Tour
13. Saliva - Click Click Boom should get the crowd going
14. Fuel - they need to bring more to the stage than they did here in KC recently
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Re: Rank 'em 2018

Postby Lisa! » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:38 pm

1. Tesla - Because I love them
2. Kix - Great Band and they've still got it
3. Kid Rock - Last time was my all-time favorite Moondance show, cannot wait
4. Ace Frehley - Because....legendary
5. Bret Michaels - eh, not my favorite but I'm craving the 80's hairbands, so this'll do
6. Kansas - More legend and they were great before
7. The Sweet - Just a great band, dancing in the sand for this one!
8. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - craving the 80's!
9. Jackyl - Fun and more 80's
10. Lita Ford - fun show last time
11. Saliva - Not sure why, just felt like they s/b here
12. Crow - not too familiar
13. GB Leighton - been a super long time since I've seen them
14. Fuel
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