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Moondance Video Tribute to Bill Bieloh

Moondance holds a special tribute on Friday evening of Moondance Jammin Country Fest and Moondance Jam celebrating the life of Moondance founder and owner, Bill Bieloh. Bill passed away unexpectedly on September 24, 2010. We would like to thank our entire Moondance family for the opportunity to celebrate his Moondance legacy each year at the Moondance music festivals.

"Moondance is made of memories and memories are what brings the whole event alive." - Bill Bieloh

Submit Your Photos of Bill

We are always looking for new photos of Bill. If you have photos of Bill with you or other fans and would like to share them for our annual tribute, please e-mail them to bill@moondanceevents.net.

2014 Video Tribute

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