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Night Ranger

Night Ranger

Postby Chris » Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:35 am

Night Ranger – July 21 at 7pm

My Take
Night Ranger will always hold a special place in my musical world. In 1985 or so, with 6 of my junior high friends piled into the back of a pickup with a shell (what were our parents thinking?!), I went to my first concert ever in little old Pittsburg, KS. I can’t remember who opened (Jonny & Something?), but the headliner was Night Ranger, my favorite band at the time. I remember standing on our chairs the entire time, sometimes even on the back of the chair, singing at the top of my lungs never wanting it to end. I think the tickets were something like $8 and a t-shirt was $13 or so. I wore that shirt out, as well as al their tapes. I truly think that night changed my life. Attending concerts has been what I do for as long as I can remember and it all traces back to that night. Had I seen another band and not been as blown away, who knows what I would do with so much of my free time now. I have now seen them 6 times or so and I have loved every show. I have even taken my two sons to see them twice, the first time being their 2nd concert ever (Foghat being the 1st). We just saw them last weekend in Gardner, KS and it was probably the best show I have seen from them since that first time so many years ago (See the video of Sentimal Street from that show below!). Their setlist is great every time due to the fact they have so many great songs in their catalog. They also like to play a cover song or two, usually Crazy Train and Roadhouse Blues, and they regularly play High Enough and Coming of Age from Damn Yankees since bassist/singer Jack Blades was in that band (now that is a reunion I want to see!). They know how to play to a crowd and they always bring their best to the stage. Also, in case you are wondering, there are still 3 original members (lead singer/bassist Blades, lead singer/drummer Keagy, and lead guitarist Keagy), so this will sound just like the Night Ranger you have heard forever. Grand Funk Railroad will need to bring it to follow their show on Saturday night.

June 9 in Gardner, KS
Lay It On Me
Sing Me Away
Coming of Age (Damn Yankees)
Crazy Train (Ozzy cover)
Roadhouse Blues (Doors Cover)
The Secret of My Success
Sentimental Street
Eddie’s Comin’ Out Tonight
High Enough (Damn Yankees)
Four in the Morning
When You Close Your Eyes
Don’t Tell Me You Love Me
Sister Christian
(You Can Still) Rock in America

June 4 in London
Lay It On Me
Sing Me Away
Seven Wishes
Coming Of Age (Damn Yankees cover)
Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
Rumours In The Air
The Secret of My Success
Let Him Run
Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight
High Enough (Damn Yankees cover)
Growing Up in California
Touch of Madness
Four in the Morning (I Can't Take Anymore)
When You Close Your Eyes
Don't Tell Me You Love Me (With "Highway Star" snippet by Deep Purple)
Sister Christian
(You Can Still) Rock in America

Did You Know?
Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy, and Brad Gillis band formed in San Francisco in 1979.
Blades and Gillis had started the band Rubicon in 1976.
They were originally called Stereo, then Ranger, before changing to Night Ranger in 1982.
1983’s Midnight Madness and 1985’s 7 Wishes both went platinum.
1987’s Big Life went Gold.
The band’s first 5 albums sold over 10 million copies.
The band has had six top 40 hits and two top 10 hits.
“Sister Christian” reached #5 in 1984 and “Sentimental Street” reached #8 in 1985.
Midnight Madness and 7 Wishes spawned 5 top 20 hits in a row.
“Sister Christian” can be heard in the Broadway (and now movie) Rock of Ages.
It is #32 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 1980’s.
Drummer/singer Kelly Keagy wrote the song about his little sister Christy, who he felt was growing up too fast.
“Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” was ranked the #92 best hard rock song of all time by VH1.
“The Secret of My Success” was written for the Michael J. Fox movie of the same name in 1987.
Blades and guitarist Brad Gillis were recently guests on VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show.
The band had songs on the soundtracks of several 80’s movies, including Teachers, Explorers, Sixteen Candles, and Out of Bounds.
Blades left the band in 1989 to form Damn Yankees with Tommy Shaw and Ted Nugent.
Gary Moon (Three Dog Night) took over for Blades until 1996, when the original 5 members reunited.
Michael Lardie (Great White) and Reb Beach (Winger/Whitesnake) both had stints in the band.
Current guitarist Joel Hoekstra also plays lead guitar in the Broadway version of Rock of Ages and in Trans Siberian Orchestra.
He was also involved in the new movie Rock of Ages.
Jack Blades has released two albums with Tommy Shaw under the name Shaw/Blades.
Gillis’s 1992 solo album featured Gregg Allman on vocals.
Gillis has a collection of over 135 guitars and 40 amplifiers.
The band last released Somewhere in California in 2011.
Great White’s Jack Russell and Styx’s Tommy Shaw both provided backing vocals on the band’s 1998 album Seven.

Don’t Tell Me You Love Me (live) -
Sing Me Away -
(You Can Still) Rock in America -
Sister Christian -
When You Close Your Eyes -
Sentimental Street (live from Gardner, KS on June 9) -
Four in the Morning -
Goodbye -
The Secret of My Success -
7 Wishes -
Coming of Age (Damn Yankees) -
High Enough (Damn Yankees) -
The music brought me to Moondance Jam. The people bring me back.
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Re: Night Ranger

Postby Lisa! » Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:34 am

man-o man-o man! I am soooo excited for Night Ranger now! Chris, you ROCK!
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