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Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Postby Chris » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:04 am

Kid Rock - Jam Friday 9pm Closer

My Take:
I'll be the first to admit I am not a huge Kid Rock fan. But I will also be the first to admit I admire Kid Rock for his talent. The guy can perform hip-hop and rap (which he did at the start of his musical career), rap and hard rock (which kicked off his mainstream career), and country (which brought him even more mainstream). He can also play a huge variety of instruments, which I admire. I also heard that the first time Kid Rock played Moondance Jam, he brought in the Jam's biggest crowd ever. So I am looking forward to seeing that. There have been some days at Moondance you can just feel the electricity in the air from who is playing that night. Both Def Leppard and Kiss had that feel to me and I'm guessing that Kid Rock had a similar feel in 2012 when he played the Jam (unfortunately I missed that year). I am also excited since Kid Rock has said he is bringing his full headlining show to the Jam stage rather than just a festival headlining show. Hopefully the other headliners (Bret Michaels and Tesla) will think about upping the length of their recent setlists as well. I would think it would be an honor to close a festival such at Moondance Jam and I'm excited that Kid Rock is acknowledging this. While I haven't followed his career closely, I really liked his Devil Without a Cause album and am still kicking myself for not seeing him on that tour. He played some epic-looking concerts back in those days. With the positive things I have heard about his live show, I have a feeling that after this show, I will kick myself for not being more excited beforehand. However, I can tell you, there is no song I am looking forward to hearing this year than Bawitdaba. I've always wanted to hear him scream "My name is Kid!!!" from that song. I just wish it was first rather than last in his recent setlists.

Setlist - March 23 in Phoenix, AZ
Greatest Show on Earth
Senate Speech
You Never Met a Mother&*%# Quite Like Me ... JF_4GV-OlG
American Bad * ... JF_4GV-OlG
Slow My Roll
Wasting Time
All Summer Long ... JF_4GV-OlG
Po-Dunk ... JF_4GV-OlG
Cowboy ... JF_4GV-OlG
Welcome 2 the Party (Ode 2 the Old School)
3 Sheets to the Wind (What's My Name) (feat. DJ Bobby Shazam)
Rock N Roll Jesus
Only God Knows Why
Born Free ... JF_4GV-OlG
American Rock 'n' Roll
Picture ... JF_4GV-OlG
Bawitdaba ... JF_4GV-OlG

Songs I really want to hear:
Bawitdaba - as mentioned earlier, "My name is KID!!!!!"
Only God Knows Why - probably my favorite by him
All Summer Long - just a perfect festival song

My Take, part 2:
OK, on further review of his songs and setlist, I am extremely pumped to see him. I've never seen him before and he seems like the kind of performer who will bring it all to every stage he is on. I wasn't all that excited about Jam Friday but I'm now confident that we will forget we lost a slot for that night. I was told I really missed something in 2012 by not being at the Jam. I'm glad I get to see Kid Rock this year on the Jam stage.
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Re: Kid Rock

Postby Lisa! » Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:11 pm

You are right! The first time Kid Rock was there was phenomenal. He did yell "KIIIIID ROOOOOCK!" what seemed like hundreds of time but so what?! He was awesome and I'm super excited to see him again!
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Re: Kid Rock

Postby gopherboy6 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:28 am

It was a high energy show last time and you will definitely know his name by the end of the night.
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Re: Kid Rock

Postby DennyPhantom » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:03 am

It is very cool
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