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Postby Chris » Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:56 pm

Saliva - Jam Friday at 3pm

My Take:
Other than Crow and GB Leighton, I know less about Saliva than any band at this year's jam. I do know they had a promising career early on and had hits with "Always" and "Click Click Boom." Also, their original singer sang and co-wrote Chad Kroeger's mega-hit "Hero." Unfortunately, the band is down to only one original member in guitarist Wayne Swinny. If all the originals were still involved, they would definitely be playing later than a 3pm slot. They do tend to do a few covers like GnR's "Patience" and Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" and still strangely enough do Kroeger's "Hero." Therefore, I do think people will know more songs than they expect during their set.

Setlist - February 18, 2018 in Adelaide, Australia
Ladies and Gentlemen - ... GrkuipNM2r
Superstar - ... 2r&index=4
Separated Self
Survival of the Sickest ... r&index=10
Patience (GnR Cover)
Tomorrow (Silverchair Cover)
Hero (Chad Kroeger)
Always - ... GrkuipNM2r
Click Click Boom - ... GrkuipNM2r
Your Disease ... GrkuipNM2r

Songs I want to hear:
Click Click Boom - heard this sung in Camp Howler a few times...
Always - their biggest hit
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