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Papa Roach

Postby Chris » Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:22 pm

Papa Roach – Thursday at 9pm

Jacoby Shaddix – lead vocals
Jerry Horton – guitars, backing vocals
Tobin Esperance – bass, programming, backing vocals
Tony Palermo – drums, percussion

Singer Jacoby Shaddix and drummer Dave Buckner formed Papa Roach in Vacavile, California, in January 1993 along with trombonist Ben Luther and guitarist Will James. Luther left and Guitarist Jerry Horton joined in March and the band began playing gigs. They released an EP titled Potatoes for Christmas in 1994 and a demo titled Caca Bonita in 1995. Tobin Esperance joined on bass in 1996 so set the band lineup for the next 10+ years. In 1997 they released their first LP, Old Friends from Young Years. Although the album wasn’t commercially successful the band was able to tour with some big name acts of the day. Another pair of EP’s , 5 Tracks Deep in 1998 and Let ‘Em Know in 1999, helped them get get a look from Warner Music Group. After recording another demo, Warner Music decided against signing the band and DreamWorks Records came in with a contract offer. This led to their major-label debut Infest, culled from songs from their previous EP’s along with some new song. Infest was a huge success for the band, eventually going triple platinum behind the #1 Alternative Rock hit “Last Resort.” They joined the Vans Warped Tour as well as the Anger Management Tour with Limp Bizkit and Eminem. In 2001, they joined the main stage of the prestigious Ozzfest tour for both the US and UK legs of the tour. Lovehatetragedy followed in 2002 and debuted at #2. The album went gold behind the #5 Alternative Rock hit “She Loves Me Not.” Getting Away with Murder followed in 2003 and was their first album to not feature any rapping. That album went platinum behind “Scars,” at #15 their highest charting song on the Billboard Hot 100. Another EP followed in 2004 and their first live album Papa Roach: Live & Murderous in Chicago in 2005. 2006’s The Paramour Sessions opened at #16 on the charts and behind “…To Be Loved” and the #2 Mainstream Rock hit “Forever.” In 2007, Tony Palermo took over on drums for Buckner as he battled addiction. Buckner left for good in 2008. The band continued to tour during this time before going back in the studio for 2009’s Metamorphosis. The album would be their first top 10 album since 2002 and “Lifeline” reached #1 on the Mainstream Rock chart. Time for Annihilation, featuring 9 live songs and 4 new songs, and a greatest hits album would both follow in 2010. The Connection followed in 2012 and contained the Mainstream Rock hits “Still Swingin’” and “Where Did the Angels Go?”. The band are touring now in support of F.E.A.R, which was just released in January and contains the #1 Mainstream Rock hit “Face Everything and Rise.” They will be making their first appearance at Moondance Jam and will play the 9pm Thursday slot ahead of headliners Nickelback.

1997 Old Friends from Young Years
2000 Infest #5 *3X Platinum
2002 Lovehatetragedy #2 *Gold
2004 Getting Away with Murder #17 *Platinum
2006 The Paramour Sessions #16
2009 Metamorphosis #8
2010 Time for Annihilation #23
2010 …To Be Loved: The Best of Papa Roach #83
2012 The Connection #17
2015 F.E.A.R. #15

Singles – Mainstream Rock/Alternative Rock/Hot 100
2000 Last Resort #4/#1/#57
2000 Broken Home #18/#9/-
2001 Between Angels and Insects #27/#16/-
2002 She Loves Me Not #3/#5/#76
2002 Time and Time Again #26/#33/-
2004 Getting Away with Murder #2/#4/#69
2004 Scars #4/#2/#15
2005 Take Me #11/#23/-
2006 …To Be Loved #8/#14/#116
2007 Forever #2/#2/#55
2007 Time is Running Out #15/#17/-
2008 Hollywood * #37/-/-
2009 Lifeline #1/#3/#81
2009 I Almost Told You That I Love You #20/#35-
2010 Kick in the Teeth #2/#18/-
2010 Burn #3/#17/-
2011 No Matter What #13/-/-
2012 Still Swingin’ #3/#32/-
2012 Where Did the Angels Go? #2/-/-
2013 Before I Die -/#47/-
2013 Leader of the Broken Hearts #4/-/-
2015 Face Everything and Rise #1/-/-

Did You Know?
Papa Roach have sold over 20 million albums worldwide.
Infest was the 20th best selling album of 2000 in the US.
They were given a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist in 2000.
After successful radio airplay of “Last Resort,” the album Infest opened at #30 on the charts.
The band played the mainstage on the Ozzfest 2001 tour.
Lovehatetragedy was originally titled Born to Rock.
Getting Away with Murder was initially called Dancing in the Ashes.
“Weird Al” Yankovic parodied “Last Resort” in his medley “Angry White Boy Polka” in 2003.
Lovehatetragedy from 2002 was the last Papa Roach album to feature rapping until 2012’s The Connection.
“Getting Away with Murder” plays during the end credits of the movie The Chronicles of Riddick.
The band opened for Guns N’ Roses (should be called the Axl Rose band!) on their Chinese Democracy tour in 2006.
They played on Motley Crue’s Crue Fest tour in 2008.
In 2009, the band opened for Nickelback on their Dark Horse Tour.
They co-headlined the Jagermeister Tour with Buckcherry on the Canadian leg of the tour in 2010.
“Scars” was certified gold with over 500,000 in sales.
It reached #8 on the Hot 100 and was on the charts for 50 weeks.
An acoustic version of the song is available on their greatest hits album.
The beginning of “…To Be Loved” samples The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop.”
“Even If I Could” was on The Avengers soundtrack.
Travis Barker from Blink-182 is featured on the song “My Heart is a Fist.”
Metamorphosis was originally supposed to be called Days of War, Nights of Love.
The song “Lifeline” was originally called “Hanging On.”
Motley Crue’s Mick Mars plays the guitar solo on “Into the Light.”
“Lifeline” finished 2nd in Fuse TV’s Best Video of 2009 contest. Britney Spears’ “Circus” won.
VH1 voted “Lifeline” the Top Rock Song of the Year and Rolling Stone had is as #1 on their Top Ten Alternative Songs of 2009 chart.
The band is named after Shaddix’s step-grandfather, whose name was Howard William Roatch.
The Paramour Sessions was named after the Paramour Mansion, where they recorded the album.
“To Be Loved” was the themes song for WWE Raw starting in 2006.
Nickelback’s “Burn to the Ground” replaced it in 20009.
Their current album, F.E.A.R., stands for "Face Everything and Rise," the first single from the album.

Setlist – March 21, 2015 in Belfast, Northern Ireland
Face Everything and Rise
Getting Away with Murder
Between Angels and Insects
Where Did the Angels Go?
Harder Than a Coffin Nail
Blood Brothers
Broken as Me
Hollywood *
Broken Home
Kick in the Teeth
Still Swingin’
Last Resort
Falling Apart
…To Be Loved

My Take
I saw Papa Roach live way back in 2000 along with Buckcherry and P.O.D. at a local radio rock show. They were very loud and I remember their hit song “Last Resort” sent the crowd into a frenzy. I have respected their career as they have been able to have a handful of softer songs reach the Hot 100 chart but they have never abandoned their hard and heavy sound that kicked off their career. They also have toured relentlessly it seems and have never really disappeared from the music scene like many bands seem to do. They will be as loud as any band to ever play the Moondance Jam stage with songs like “Face Everything and Rise” and the aforementioned “Last Resort” but they will also bring it down a bit on songs like “Scars” and “Forever.” I encourage everyone to come check out their set on Jam Thursday and pay respects to one of the hardest-working bands in rock music today.
The music brought me to Moondance Jam. The people bring me back.
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Re: Papa Roach

Postby gopherboy6 » Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:35 pm

Another stellar review, I really think this one will surprise some people!
Moondance Jam...the best 4, make that 7 days of my year!
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Re: Papa Roach

Postby Forever Rockin » Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:20 am

Back in 2009 I took my son and his two cousins to Mankato for a show with Papa Roach(had never heard of them), Buck Cherry, Avenged Seven Fold and I think also Saving Abel. All the bands put on great shows and Papa Roach rocked out and easily held their own. They are definitely a band worth checking out.
Time and place are everything.
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