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Postby Chris » Wed May 21, 2014 12:14 am

Seether – Thursday, July 17 at 11pm

Shaun Morgan – lead vocals, guitar
Dale Stewart – bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
John Humphrey – drums

Seether was founded in Pretoria, South Africa in 1999 by Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart, Johan Greyling (for a short period), and Dave Cohoe. Originally called Saron Gas, the band released the independent album Fragile in 2000. The band changed their name to Seether, added lead guitarist Patrick Callahan, and in 2002 released their major label debut Disclaimer. Several songs off this album were re-worked from their first album, including their first hits “Fine Again,” “Driven Under,” and “Gasoline,” which all hit the top 20 of the US Mainstream Rock Chart. “Fine Again” led the way reaching #3 and the album reached #92 and went gold. Cohoe left the band and eventually John Humphrey took over on drums in 2003. In 2004, the band reworked Disclaimer and released a 2nd album called Disclaimer II. With extra and re-worked tracks, the album reached #53 and eventually went platinum. The biggest reason was the single “Broken.” Originally an acoustic ballad, the band recorded an electric version featuring Evanescence singer Amy Lee after touring with the band. This song reached #4 on the US Alternate Chart and #20 on the US Billboard Hot 100. 2005’s Karma and Effect, which reached #8 on the album charts, had three more top 10 US Mainstream tracks, led by the band’s first #1 “Remedy.” Guitarist Callahan left the band in 2006. However, the hits would keep rolling as 2007’s Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces (#9 on the album charts) had four top 5 US Mainstream Rock Chart hits, including another #1 in “Fake It.” This album also contained their cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” which reached #4. 2011’s Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray opened at #2 on the charts and had four more top 10 Mainstream Rock Chart hits, including the #1 hits “Country Song” and “Tonight.” The greatest hits album Seether: 2002-2013 contained two more hits, including their cover of the song “Seether,” the song that inspired their name by the band Veruca Salt. The band has a sixth studio album coming on July 1st titled Isolate and Medicate. The band will be making their first appearance at Moondance Jam as they close jam Thursday.

Did You Know?
The band was originally called Saron Gas and changed to Seether in 2002.
The Disclaimer album had 10 different covers.
“Broken” with Amy Lee was originally on the movie soundtrack for The Punisher.
Amy Lee sings for the band Evanescence.
Evanescence's Troy McLawhorn played lead guitar on the band's album Holding Onto Strings Better Left Frayed.
That album was produced by Grammy-winning producer Brendan O'Brien, who has worked many artists.
“Words as Weapons” is the first single off their latest album Isolate and Medicate.
Singer Shaun Morgan entered rehab for alcohol addiction in 2006.
The band had to cancel a tour with Staind and Three Days Grace while he was in rehab.
Drummer Josh Freese did session work with the band in 2002.
He has been affiliated with a number of bands, including Moondance Jam bands Sublime with Rome, The Offspring, and Motley Crue.
He will appear at Moondance with Sublime with Rome this summer.
Their song “No Shelter” has been featured in the TV show NCIS.
Holding On To Strings Better Left to Fray was #1 on the US Rock Album, US Alternative Album, and US Hard Rock Album Charts.
Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces earned the band their first South African Music Award as well as their first MTV Africa Music Award.
Morgan picked up guitar in high school after getting injured at his original talent as a rugby player.
Morgan collaborated with Lynyrd Skynyrd and guitarist John5 for the song “Sad Song” in 2013.
The band covered the song they were named after, Veruca Salt’s “Seether” in 2013.
Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces is the first album of theirs to go gold in their home of South Africa.

Album Charts
2002 Disclaimer #92 (Gold)
2004 Disclaimer II #53 (Platinum)
2005 Karma and Effect #8 (Gold)
2006 One Cold Night (Live) #50
2007 Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces #9 (Gold)
2011 Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray #2 (Gold)

US Mainstream Rock Chart Hits
2002 Fine Again #3
2003 Driven Under #13
2003 Gasoline #8
2004 Broken (featuring Amy Lee) #9
2005 Remedy #1
2006 Truth #8
2007 Fake It #1
2008 Rise Above This #2
2008 Breakdown #4
2009 Careless Whisper #4
2011 Country Song #1
2011 Tonight #1
2012 No Resolution #2
2012 Here and Now #5
2013 Seether #12
2013 Weak #5
2014 Words as Weapons #3

May 8, 2014 in Clifton Park, NY
Driven Under
Fine Again
Drum Solo
Change (In the House of Flies) (Deftones cover)
Rise Above This
Words As Weapons
Country Song
The Gift
Fake It

May 14, 2014 in Sayreville, NJ
Fine Again
Driven Under
Drum Solo
Change (In the House of Flies) (Deftones cover)
Rise Above This
Words As Weapons
Country Song
Fake It

Broken (featuring Amy Lee) -
Careless Whisper -
Breakdown -
Tonight -
Remedy -
Fake It -
Truth -
No Resolution -
Country Song -
Gasoline -
Driven Under -
The Gift -
Rise Above This -
Here & Now -
Seether -
Weak -
Words As Weapons -

My Take
When I first heard of Seether signing I have to admit I was not excited at all. I have a tough time keeping up with newer heavy rock bands and while I had heard of the band and knew some of their songs, I probably couldn’t name a song by them except “Broken.” Then I remembered they had done the cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” which I really like. When I then started researching them, I got hooked and very excited immediately. They have had a ton of hits in the mainstream rock world over the last 12 years and are a big draw in the rock world that I am finding I don’t pay enough attention to. I would say, of all the newer bands that Moondance Jam has signed over the last few years, this is the best of the bunch in my opinion. I was surprised at how many songs I knew by them. All of the hits listed above are great songs. I don’t think there is a weak song in the bunch. Do yourself a favor and just give them all a listen. Or better yet, buy their greatest hits album Seether: 2002-2013. It contains all their hits as well as a few newer songs, including “Seether,” which was a great Veruca Salt song 20 years ago. I could listen to disc 1 of this release all day and not tire of it. Their current setlist plays almost all of their hits, but unfortunately doesn’t have “Careless Whisper” in it, which I would love to hear them do. While at first I thought this was a weak signing, especially for a headliner, I have completely changed my mind on this band. They are going to rock the jam more than any band this year I believe (with Skillet close behind). With their popularity in the rock scene right now, I think they will bring in a huge crowd for opening night of the jam. They have made Thursday the day I am looking forward to the most this year.
The music brought me to Moondance Jam. The people bring me back.
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Re: Seether

Postby gopherboy6 » Wed May 21, 2014 10:46 am

Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces was almost worn out not long after I bought it. Really like Seether and think they will surprise a lot of people.
Moondance Jam...the best 4, make that 7 days of my year!
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