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Postby Chris » Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:43 pm

Slaughter – Saturday at 3pm

Mark Slaughter – Vocals, Guitars
Dana Strum - Bass
Zoltan Chaney - Drums
Jeff “Blando” Bland - Guitars

Slaughter actually got their start from the ruins of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion in 1988. Vincent, after leaving Kiss in 1984, formed the Invasion with Dana Strum on bass and brought vocalist Mark Slaughter on board for their second album. After Chrysalis Records let the band go, Strum and Slaughter went on to form Slaughter with guitarist Tim Kelly and drummer Blas Elias. They released their debut album, Stick It to Ya in 1990 and had three songs hit the top 40. The sing-along “Up All Night” reached #27 while the ballad “Fly to the Angels” became their highest charting single at #19. The album went on to #18 and double platinum status. Both videos received heavy airplay and the songs became staples on rock radio. The album was nominated for best metal album in 1991 by the American Music Awards. Five songs on the album would reach the top 40 on the Mainstream Rock Chart, led by #15 “Fly to the Angels.” While their 2nd album, 1992’s The Wild Life, did not sell as well with only one top 100 hit, it did still have a couple top 30 Mainstream Rock Hits and was certified gold. However, a music world that was changing to grunge contributed to band’s fall that eventually led to their removal from Chrysalis (in a move that cost many bands a label). A 3rd album, Fear No Evil, from CMC Records wouldn’t come again until 1995. Understandably, the album did not sell well. Kelly was under legal troubles and was at times replaced by Dave Marshall. He returned for the 1997 album Revolution which sold poorly. Kelly was replaced by Jeff Blando in 1998 and the band released Back to Reality to low sales a year later. The band, however, has been able to tour consistently throughout the 2000’s, in part due to the lasting popularity of the songs “Up All Night” and “Fly to the Angels.” They have played the Rock Never Stops tours, Rocklahoma, and even on 2008’s Motley Cruise. They have played other rock festivals in the upper Midwest but will be making their first stop at Moondance Jam.

Billboard Hot 100 Hits

1990 Up All Night #27
1991 Fly to the Angels #19
1991 Spend My Life #39
1992 Real Love #69

Billboard Mainstream Rock Hits
1990 Up All Night #21
1990 Spend My Life #28
1990 Fly to the Angels #15
1991 Shout it Out #40
1991 Mad About You #37
1992 The Wild Life #28
1992 Real Love #24

Album Charts
1990 Stick It to Ya #18 (2x Platinum)
1992 The Wild Life #8 (Gold)
1995 Fear No Evil #182

Setlist – April 5, 2014 in Toronto
The Wild Life
Take Me Away
Burnin’ Bridges
Spend My Life
Mad About You
Eye to Eye
Living Inside
Real Love
Fly to the Angels
Up All Night

Did You Know?
Dana Strum was once a talent scout in LA who recruited band members for bands.
He recruited both Randy Rhoads and Jake E. Lee for Ozzy Osbourne, as well as Vinnie Vincent for Kiss.
He also played on a solo album for Motley Crue’s Vince Neil in 2010.
The band’s 3rd album was delayed while Strum recovered from a dirt bike accident that injured his hand.
Original guitarist Kelly was arrested for drug trafficking in 1993.
Blas Elias is also an actor, and was in the 2001 movie Rock Star, which starred Mark Wahlberg.
He also is a drummer with the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas.
He is currently not touring with Slaughter, having been replaced by Zoltan Chaney.
Jeff Bland was briefly in the band Saigon Kick.
While in the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Slaughter and Strum were probably best known for the song “Love Kills.”
“Love Kills” was featured in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street 4.
Slaughter once formed a supergroup called Scrap Metal.
Scrap Metal also featured Gunnar Nelson Nelso, Kelly Keagy from Night Ranger, and Eric Martin from Mr. Big.
Slaughter has sold over 5 million albums in the US.

My Take
I really became a big music fan during the 80’s hair metal movement and Slaughter caught the tail end of that era with their big hair, power ballads, and the voice of Mark Slaughter. Had they been able to start 5 years earlier, instead of basically being Vinnie Vincent’s band in the Vinnie Vincent Invasion in the late 80’s, I really think Slaughter would have had a much bigger career. They had it all, the look and sound and most importantly Slaughter’s classic hair metal voice. Unfortunately, due to the dramatic shift in the music world in the early 90’s caused by grunge, Slaughter’s heyday was much too short. As it was, they left us with two classic songs from that era in “Fly to the Angels” and “Up All Night.” Their other music was also very good but got no airplay and the band’s popularity sank with the rest of the metal band’s I loved at the time. I have not seen the band since around 2000 on a Rock Never Stops tour. Slaughter’s voice still sounded good then but I occasionally read reviews to the contrary now. However, I am still looking forward to their show. Although they won’t play it (I’m guessing they are contractually unable to do so), I really wish they would play “Love Kills” from Slaughter and Strum’s Vinnie Vincent Invasion days. I have linked that song below. Give it a listen; it really is a great song that was featured in Nightmare on Elm Street 4. That is a great song as are many songs from their time with Vincent. I think we are getting a steal with them playing at 3pm on Jam Saturday.

Up All Night -
Fly to the Angels -
Real Love - ... omj7STbwjn
Spend My Life - ... omj7STbwjn
The Wild Life - ... omj7STbwjn
Mad About You - ... omj7STbwjn
Burnin’ Bridges - ... omj7STbwjn
Love Kills (Vinnie Vincent Invasion) -
The music brought me to Moondance Jam. The people bring me back.
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Re: Slaughter

Postby gopherboy6 » Thu May 01, 2014 9:38 am

Another great review of what should be a very cool 3 o'clock show!!
Moondance Jam...the best 4, make that 7 days of my year!
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Re: Slaughter

Postby The TyGuy » Thu May 01, 2014 8:42 pm

Don't miss Zoltan Chaney!! He's the most fun drummer to watch. Normally I focus on the singer or guitarist of the bands. With Slaughter (or Vince Neil's band) I focus on Zoltan Chaney.
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Re: Slaughter

Postby Lisa! » Fri May 02, 2014 11:12 am

I'm really looking forward to seeing Slaughter---our 80s Rockers for this year!! We've seen them a few times -- once, a couple years ago at the Loooonacy, where Howler said hi to Mark with his pants falling down (Howler's, not Mark's) while eating french-fries...OK, Howler tells it better, but it was funny. Zoltan is crazy fun to watch and I can't wait for that!! Blas Elias was so freakin' cute, tho. Oh well ;) One of my most memorable times seeing Slaughter was back in 95 or 96 when they dedicated "Fly to the Angels" to the victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing victims. I also remember the sad news of when original guitarist Tim Kelly died in a car wreck...too young.

And one of my most favorite memories is probably in 1990 or 1991. Debby & I lived together and drove to Bismarck to see them and we ended up meeting them. I somehow managed to get to a backstage gathering and dragged her it, too, and then later we got a few pictures outside. My favorite moment was taking Debby's picture with Mark and saying "Smile like you're having a happy birthday!" cuz they both share 4th of July birthdays. It was dorky, but awesome...I should try and find those pics :)

sometimes I'm such a groupie girl :P
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Re: Slaughter

Postby pink flamingo » Mon May 05, 2014 11:05 am

...and... Mark Slaughter dated Shannen Doherty, who appeared in the bands "Real Love" video...

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