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Spam posts and even naughty ones

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Spam posts and even naughty ones

Postby Lisa! » Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:03 pm

Hey Country Jammers... Just an FYI, I've been noticing that we've been seeing a rash of spammer posts coming thru on these message boards lately. JWG & I try to check in daily, but I wanted to let you know... if you see a post you don't think is appropriate for this page, please report it. On the message itself on the top right there is an icon (an upside down triangle with an explanation point) you can click to report the post to JWG. You can also send a PM to me or to The Jam Web Guy to let us know something 'bad' is on your page, and we can delete it ASAP. I don't work for the Jam but I like to help keep it clean. :D Thankfully the past few have only been oddball posts, but sometime some very inappropriate posts come thru, too. Happy New Year!
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