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Moondance Jam 29
July 16-18, 2020

Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby Davage » Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:22 pm

1 - Collective Soul - This one surprised the heck out of me. Their gear didn't arrive, but they still put on a fun performance. It was my 1st time seeing them Live
2 - Slaughter - 80's hair metal - I was right down front when Mark Slaughter climbed over the security fence and started high-fiving everyone.
3 - Autograph - 80's hair metal - George Lynch looked a little zoned out, but it was still neat to see them on stage.
4 - Skillet - Great show - first time seeing them too
5 - Styx
6 - Felder - Eagles Tunes are always great
7 - Alter Bridge - It was good to see Myles Kennedy on the Moondance stage again
8 - Foreigner - At first I was annoyed with them. I was mentioning to Mrs Davage that there wasn't a single member of the original band on stage and that we were watching a cover band. Things improved after Mick Jones came on stage
9 - Reo Speedwagon - Good/great show = 1st time seeing them too
10 - Badfinger - Classic Rock's early years.. Love it
11 - Sublime - Just couldn't get into his music... We went over and listened to the Pigzz soundcheck instead :)
12 - Wallflowers (one headlight / One hit wonder) - skipped - was busy partying with friends and getting some food to eat
13 - George Thorogood - skipped - saw him before.. busy partying with friends
14 - Sick Puppies - skipped 'em - I just couldn't get into their music before going to the Jam, so we partied with our friends instead
15 - Seether - skipped 'em - All we heard from our campsite was screaming and vulgarity coming from the stage - not what interests me..
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby ShermanND » Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:11 pm

1) Foreigner :D My rank of them did not change and did not disappoint. Best band of the Jam for me.
2) George :D Again George rocked the house. He is so great live. Loved all the comments from younger kids - he rocked them too.
3) Styx They were good as usual but felt I was at a Broadway Play after Foreigner.
4) RE0 Enjoyed them but I think I was wore out lol
5) Don Felder :D Wow. Don was great again - better then ever. Loved Hotel California with Tommy Shaw
6) Bad Finger Little boring but I tried to get into them for the history they brought to the Jam.
7) Sublime - Missed - wanted to see them don't know what happened
8) Skillet :D - The surprise band of the Jam for me I loved their music (violin was fabulous)
9) Collective Soul - Did a great job too
10) Alter Bridge - Missed
11) Seether - Not into them so I missed - We were doing a Walk a Bout - Great people at the Jam - never boring :D
12) Wall Flowers :D - Great laid back band for Saturday - Heroes was fabulous
13) Slaughter Missed
14) Autograph Missed
15) Sick Puppies- Missed but heard the girl bass player was Hot! Dang should have not golfed...

I loved this years music, people and weather. Everything was perfect. The stars all lined up. Cannot wait until next year!!!
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby The TyGuy » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:51 am

This year I'm glad that I was able to make it up to all the shows on the main stage this year. In the past there have been some bands that I wasn't able to catch. This year I made sure to catch them all.

1) Sick Puppies - loudest band this year. My heart was thumping just from the drums.
2) Skillet - missed the first couple songs but happened to catch a couple songs I knew. Very fun band to see!!
3) Foreigner - loved being able to rock out with Ty Gal in the crowd.
4) Don Felder - enjoyed his stories of his time with the Seagulls & the Beagles. Even enjoyed Hotel California more than I thought I would.
5) George Thorogood - loved that I got to meet him and that he did my favorite song "Get A Haircut". Wished he would've collapsed at the end of his show like he did the past 2 times he played Moondance Jam.
6) Collective Soul - I knew just about all their songs. Fun to hear.
7) REO Speedwagon - Good show. Again got to rock out with Ty Gal in the crowd.
8) Slaughter - loved watching Zoltan Chaney on the drums. Liked that Mark Slaughter walked through the crowd again.
9) Styx - saw them from our chairs. Nice light show but I've seen them enuff.
10) Autograph - fun to see being I've never seen them before. Didn't know the songs all that well except for their big hit. Lyrics were pretty predictable.
11) Wallflowers - not bad but only knew 2 songs plus the cover they did.
12) Sublime - caught a few songs I recognized. Not quite as exciting as I thought they would be.
13) Seether - they weren't bad but honestly don't remember much of their show. Apparently I wasn't into them all that much.
14) Badfinger - had high hopes for them being they remind me of a "woodstockish band" however I didn't know many of their songs.
15) Alterbridge - took in most of the show from our chairs. Towards the end Ty Gal and I went back to camp for warmer clothes. Went back to the concert stage and they were still playing. I just couldn't get into them but I tried.

As for the Preparty on Wednesday:
1) Mountain Ash - finally listened to them. I really enjoyed their songs!!
2) Hairball - nice to see them do Ozzy although I was talking to other people in the pit during the set so I missed seeing Ozzy's clapping. Really wish they'd bring back the Cinderella, Skid Row and Warrant songs they used to do.
3) Fabulous Armadillos - they were good but didn't seem to move me as much as they did the last time they were here.

Saloon Stage Bands (I didn't see many of the Saloon Stage bands this year).
1) MN Whiskey Pigzz - saw full set. Enjoy them every year.
2) Transit Authority - Chicago Tribute - only saw 2 songs
3) Janis Joplin Tribute - only saw 1 song.
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Re: Rank them 1-15

Postby STP » Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:35 pm

1) Sublime - epic hearing that sound at the jam
2) Foreigner - not a fan, but not a hater either... that was a helluva show. A little bit of a fan now.
3) Wallflowers - only knew a few tunes, but that was a nice mellow rockin sound
4) Don Felder - always solid. the dude is a pro.
5) Collective Soul - sound was OK, but they rocked and the crowd's energy helped push them up the list
6) Skillet - only knew a couple songs, but they kicked *
7) Seether - was expecting a little more, but still a good show - too bad much of the crowd peeled out, that probably had a lot to do with them being so low
8) RE0 - solid, 2nd best show that I've seen them put on
9) Styx - solid every time
10) Sick Puppies - waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than imagined (should probably flip flop them with Seether)
11) Badfinger - pretty good considering Joey's age, but a little blah too
12) Alter Bridge - what a muddled mess... maybe it was the sound, maybe I expected more. I love metal, but that was sloppy.
13) George Thorogood - have never been able to get into him and even a decent show and burbon & beer couldn't get me into it.
14) Slaughter - Missed
15) Autograph - Missed
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