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2012 MOONDANCE JAM Review's / Ranking's / Best Performance

Moondance Jam 29
July 16-18, 2020

2012 MOONDANCE JAM Review's / Ranking's / Best Performance

Postby Young At Heart » Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:01 am

#1. DON FELDER & HEART tied for the #1 spot.- Both put on stellar performances.
#2. NIGHT RANGER Wow what a great performance, far better then I was expecting. Bring them back soon.
#3. SKID ROW Did a fine job. Great cover of the Ramones "Psycho Therapy".
#4. JOHN FOGERTY I thought was very good, but comparing to the last time I saw him, it was a little off what he is capable of. He seemed rushed to me, whipped through the songs and it was adios. Also he seemed to have lost his voice during the encore. I love Fogerty and Creedance, but this was not his best performance.
#5. APRIL WINE put on a solid performance.
#6. GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Felt sorry for them having to follow Night Ranger and their incredibly high energy performance. "GFR " was not bad, but also not great. Don Brewer the drummer stole the show during their performance. I wish the rest of the band showed as much energy as Don did.

I know many came to see Kid Rock, I came with an open mind, even though I do not care for his "rap style music". Just not my cup of tea. I will say he puts on a high energy show and works the audience well. But how many times do you have to mention your own name in your songs, or want the audience to chant it back to you.
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