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Hairball – July 15 at 10pm for the Saloon Pre-Jam Party

Rockstar Bob – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Lead Guitar
Kris Vox – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Happy – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Shawn “Sports” Pop – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Colt Python – Drums, Vocals

Hairball have been touring and covering 80’s rock for years in a way no other band does. The band was originally started by Chainsaw Caine, who was also in Slave Raider. Caine, however, stepped down as one of the lead vocalists but is still the manager of the band. Caine was replaced by Kris Vox in January 2008. Led by the two vocalists, Rockstar Bob and Vox, the band pays tributes to many bands from the decade. Each singer will perform a two or three song set as a certain singer while the other changes backstage. As soon as one singer’s set finishes, the other storms the stage as a new singer. The band has been known to play for nearly four hours at local clubs with a few breaks. At a Hairball show it is possible to hear the band cover bands that are heavy (AC/DC), hair metal (Poison), pop (Prince), or rock (Loverboy). The band performed in the saloon at Moondance Jam in 2006 and played the mainstage as well as the saloon last year. The band will be playing the saloon as they headline the Pre-Jam Party. Their performance at Moondance Jam Rockin' 18 will be one of many shows the band will be performing as they tour throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and Wisconsin this summer.

Moondance Jam 17 Mainstage
Twisted Sister:
I Wanna Rock
We're Not Gonna Take It

Detroit Rock City

Def Leppard
Rock of Ages
Pour Some Sugar On Me

Hells Bells
Back In Black
You Shook Me All Night Long

June 6, 2008 at Mr. D’s Bar in Duluth, MN
1. Van Halen (Rockstar Bob)
- Panama
- You Really Got me

2. Loverboy (Kris Vox)
- Turn Me Loose
- Everybody's Workin' For The Weekend

3. Bon Jovi (Rockstar Bob)
- Runaway
- You Give Love A Bad Name

4. Journey (Kris Vox)
- Separate Ways
- Anyway You Want It

5. Motley Crue (Rockstar Bob)
- Kickstart My Heart
- Girls, Girls, Girls

6. Skid Row (Kris Vox)
- Piece Of Me
- Youth Gone Wild

7. Quiet Riot (Rockstar Bob)
- Metal Health
- * On Feel The Noize

8. Def Leppard (Kris Vox)
- Rock Of Ages
- Pour Some Sugar On Me

9. The 80's Guy (Rockstar Bob)
- Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield
- I Want You To Want Me by Cheap Trick
- I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett

10. Bryan Adams (Done by Happy and Sports Pop)
- Summer of '69

11. Alice Cooper (Rockstar Bob)
- No More Mr. Nice Guy
- School's Out

12. Aerosmith (Kris Vox)
- Dream On
- Walk This Way

13. Poison (Rockstar Bob)
- Nothin' But A Good Time
- Talk Dirty To Me

14. Prince (Kris Vox)
- Let's Go Crazy
- 1999

15. Guns 'N Roses (Rockstar Bob)
- Welcome To The Jungle
- Sweet Child Of Mine

16. Twisted Sister (Kris Vox)
- We're Not Gonna Take It
- I Wanna Rock

17. AC/DC (Rockstar Bob)
- Hells Bells
- You Shook Me All Night Long
- Back In Black

My Take:
I love 80’s rock so I am looking forward to seeing Hairball again this year. I saw them in 2006 in the saloon and they had the crowd rocking during their whole set. Last year I thought they were one of the suprises of the jam as they absolutely rocked the mainstage at 3pm on Day 2 of the jam and then closed the saloon that night with a huge crowd. I like that they don't just play the music of the 80's but each lead singer plays a 2 or 3 song set acting as the lead singer of the songs they are playing. This could be looked at as a gimmick if they didn't sound good. However, after hearing them last year I know they can pull off about any 80's music and make it both sound and look great. I imagine they can pull this off since they have two lead singers who each need to learn half the set. I am really impressed with the fact they can go from Journey to Prince to Guns n’ Roses and pull it off. That takes talent. I am looking forward to the Pre-Jam Party this year and I think Hairball is a perfect headliner for it. Old Balls told me that they have been bringing in big crowds at their club shows recently. I am hoping for huge crowds for the saloon so that in future years the Pre-Jam Party can end on the mainstage. I would love to see Hairball on the mainstage in the dark with their full pyrotechnic show. That would be something.
The music brought me to Moondance Jam. The people bring me back.
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