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Postby Chris » Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:33 pm

Yes – Saturday, July 18 at 11pm

Steve Howe - Guitar
Chris Squire – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Alan White - Drums
Benoit David – Lead Vocals
Oliver Wakeman – Keyboards

Yes formed in 1968 in London by singer Jon Anderson and bass player Chris Squire, who also brought in drummer Bill Bruford, pianist/organist Tony Kaye, and guitarist Peter Banks. Without an album release, the band was able to nail down an opening slot on Cream’s farewell tour in 1968. In 1969, the band released their self-titled debut album and found sales to be slow despite a positive review from legendary rock writer Lester Bangs. Their second album, Time and a Word, was released in 1970 and sold a little better than their first album. It did not chart in the US but reached #45 in the UK. Tensions arose in the band after recording the album and Banks was replaced by Steve Howe. The band struck a chord with fans on their 1971 release The Yes Album, which went #4 in the UK and #40 in the US. It would also contain their first hit “I’ve Seen All Good People,” which reached #40 on the US charts. The album would be the first of 6 platinum studio albums for the band. However, more tensions led to the departure of Kaye, who was replaced by Rick Wakeman. Later in 1971, Fragile was released and achieved even more success than its predecessor. It reached #7 in the UK and #4 in the US, where it eventually went double platinum behind the band’s first top 20 hit “Roundabout,” which reached #13. Close to the Edge followed in 1972 and hit #3 in the US and was another platinum seller. This album also featured the 18-minute title song as the lone song on side one of the album. “And You and I” hit #42 on the charts. Buford left after this album and was replaced by Alan White. The ambitious double-album Tales from Topographic Oceans followed in 1973. The album contained four lengthy songs, one per album side. Wakeman left the band after displeasure of the direction of the album and was replaced by Patrick Moraz. Even though the album only went gold, it still reached the top 10 in the US and became their first #1 album in the UK. The live album Yessongs was also released in 1973 and reached #12 in the US and went platinum. Relayer followed in 1974 and would be another top 10 gold album. The album again featured one song on side one, and two songs on side B. The band took a break for a couple years while members worked on side projects but reunited with Wakeman for the 1977 album Going for the One. It would contain the bands first top 10 hit in the UK with #7 “Wondrous Stories.” The album would be their 2nd #1 hit in the UK and reached #8 in the US and went gold. 1978’s Tormato album featured some of the shortest songs of any Yes album. While it didn’t spawn any significant hits, it still went platinum and was another top 10 hit. Before the next album, Anderson and Wakeman would both leave the band. Trevor Horn took over on vocals and Geoff Downes on keyboards for 1980’s Drama album. While still cracking the top 20, the album would be their first since 1970 to not at least go gold. The band would disband in 1980 and members again concentrated on side projects. However, the band would reunite with Anderson for the 1983 smash hit 90125. Howe and Downes were replaced on this album by Trevor Rabin and original keyboardist Tony Kaye. The album would be their best selling ever, reaching #5 and going triple platinum in the US. It contained six Mainstream Rock Top 40 hits and three top 100 singles, led by the band’s first and only #1 hit, “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” Even though the album was a huge success, some fans of the progressive rock sound were disappointed with the pop sound of the album. While the band didn’t break up, it would be several years before new material would emerge. After two years of recording, Generator was released in 1987. While not as successful as 90125, the album still had two top 40 hits in “Love Will Find a Way” and “Rhythm of Love.” The latter song would prove to be the band’s last top 40 hit in the US. The album reached #15 on the charts and went platinum. After this album, former and current members of Yes reunited and attempted to call themselves Yes. However, since none of them had the rights to the Yes name, they just named them after the members, so the band became known as Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe. The band would release a self-titled album in 1989. Yes continued on with the previous lineup minus Anderson. Both bands would merge back into Yes and release a new album, titled Union. While the album was not a commercial success, fans flocked to see the band that now had eight members from all periods of the band’s history. Bruford, Howe, and Wakeman left after the tour and those that were left released Talk in 1994. It would be the second Yes album since 1970 to not reach gold status. Rabin and Kaye left the band in 1995. In 1996, the band released Keys to Ascension, a double album with 7 live songs and 2 studio songs featuring Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman, and White together for the first time since 1978. A sequel, Keys to Ascension 2, would follow in 1997 following the same format of live and studio songs. Wakeman left the band and was replaced by Billy Sherwood for another studio album in 1997 titled Open Your Eyes. Keyboardist Igor Khoroshev would join the band and in 1999 The Ladder was released. The album was considered a return to the original Yes sound that had been lacking from albums for years. Sherwood and Khoroshev left the band and were replaced by an orchestra for the next album, 2001’s Magnification. This would prove to be their last studio album. Several compilations have been released since 2001. In 2004, the band would take a break that would last for four years. The band planned a 2008 tour but it was cancelled due to Anderson’s health problems. However, Howe, Squire, and White, along with Wakeman’s son Oliver, found singer Benoit David by way of Youtube and recruited him to sing on a tour later in 2008. The band also toured in 2009 on a tour titled In the Present. This version of the band will be touring all summer with Asia. The band will be making their 2nd appearance at Moondance Jam.

Moondance Jam Connections
Yes played Moondance Jam 1998.
Original drummer Bill Bruford played a few shows with Savoy Brown (Moondance Jam 2005) before helping form Yes.
Bruford and Asia/Yes member Geoff Downes were both in King Crimson.
The band had a cover song on their 2nd album called “Everydays,” which was written by Stephen Stills (Moondance Jam 2008) and originally performed by Buffalo Springfield.
Geoff Downes is also a founding member of Asia (Moondance Jam 2009).
Tony Kaye was once a member of Badfinger (Moondance Jam 1993).
Alan Parsons (Alan Parsons Live Project Moondance Jam 1998) produced Yes’s instrumental album Symphonic Music of Yes.
Roger Dean created album art for Yes and Asia (Moondance Jam 2009).
Yes’s Benoit David and Journey’s Arnel Pineda (Moondance Jam 2009) were both discovered through Youtube.

Did You Know?
The Time and a Word album in the UK featured a drawing of a nude woman.
In the US, the cover was deemed obscene so the US version’s cover was a picture of the band.
Tony Kaye left after The Yes Album and returned 12 years later for the 90125 album.
The band had 7 platinum albums, 6 studio and 1 live.
Four more albums would go gold, 3 studio albums and 1 compilation album.
While “Roundabout” clocks in at over 8 minutes on the Fragile album, the single release was cut down to 3:27.
In the movie School of Rock, Jack Black’s character gives an aspiring young keyboardist Yes’s Fragile album to listen to.
“Long Distance Runaround” was the B-side to “Roundabout” but has become one of Yes’s signature songs. listed Close to the Edge as the best progressive album of all-time.
Reader of Guitar World rank the album #67 on the Greatest Guitar Albums of All Time.
Artist Robert Dean has done the cover art for many Yes albums.
The 2009 In the Present tour was cancelled due to Chris Squire’s health problems.
Yes would have no top 40 hits from 1973 to 1982.
However, the band would have their first #1 when returning to the charts in 1983 with “Owner of a Lonely Heart.”
2003’s compilation The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection reached #10 in the UK.
Alan White was a member of John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band.
White and Squire formed the band XYZ with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. The group did not release an album.
Yes’s 1971 single “America” was a cover of the classic Simon & Garfunkel hit.
90125’s “Cinema” won a Grammy in 1984 for Best Rock Instrumental.
Benoit David was a member of the Yes tribute band Close to the Edge.

Billboard Top 100 Hits
1971 I’ve Seen All Good People #40
1971 Roundabout #13
1971 America #46
1972 And You and I #42
1983 Owner of a Lonely Hear #1
1983 Leave It #24
1984 It Can Happen #51
1987 Love Will Find a Way #30
1987 Rhythm of Love #40
1991 Lift Me Up #86

February 2009
Firebirs Suite (intro music)
Siberian Khatru
I've Seen All Good People
Tempus Fugit
Astral Traveler (including drum solo)
Close to the Edge
Howe solo spot
And You and I
Long Distance Runaround/the fish
Aliens (are Only Us from the Future)
Machine Messiah
Starship Trooper

Owner of a Lonely Heart
November 18, 2008 in Reading, PA
Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
I’ve Seen All Good People
Tempus Fugit
Astral Traveler
Close to the Edge
And You and I
Surface Tension
Cactus Boogie
Long Distance Runaround
The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
Aliens (Are Only Us From the Future)
Machine Messiah
Starship Trooper

My Take
While I am not a huge fan of Yes, they are obviously very talented musicians and I admire what they do. They are one of the pioneer progressive rock bands in history and are very deserving of the accolades they receive. I missed out on their original success in the early 1970’s but I remember very well their 90125 album from 1983. “Owner of a Lonely Heart” was one of the biggest songs of the year and was played virtually everywhere you went. They somewhat disappeared in the late 1980’s when I really started buying music so I never really got into them. That changed somewhat when I heard “I’ve Seen All Good People” in the movie Almost Famous. That is my favorite movie of all-time and I bought Yes’s greatest hits after seeing the movie. Since they signed with the jam I have bought their double disc greatest hits The Ultimate Yes so I can become familiar with more of their music. I know some people may not like the fact that original singer Jon Anderson will not be at the jam. However, I have listened to several clips of Anderson singing from a few years back and he voice is not what it was. From what I have heard from Benoit David, he will be able to recreate the songs just as we remember them so I am actually excited that he is now singing for the band. It also should be fun to watch Asia and Yes back to back. I’m hoping members of both bands will share some stage time beside Howe, who is a member of both groups.

Videos ... 6954f.html - click on arrows by songs to view live songs listed ... re=related – “Close to the Edge” live from 2008 ... re=related – “Roundabout” live from 2008 ... re=related – “Siberian Khutru” live from 2008 ... re=related – “Parallels” live from 2008 ... re=related – “Starship Trooper” live from 2008 ... re=related – “I’ve Seen All Good People” live from 2008 – “Owner of a Lonely Heart” liv
The music brought me to Moondance Jam. The people bring me back.
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Re: Yes

Postby RichieRich » Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:21 am

Chris Great writeup.
I knew this one would be a long one as you said the revolving lineup and the years of playing make this a band that should be in the Rock hall of fame (its just a matter of time) I had a couple of albums my uncle gave but they disappeared and I still have at least one cassette Might have to get some CD's though.
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