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Lita Ford

Lita Ford

Postby Chris » Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:40 pm

Lita Ford – Friday, July 17

Lita Ford – Lead Guitars and Lead Vocals
Stet Howland – Drums and Backing Vocals
Michael T. Ross – Keyboards
JC – Bass and Backing Vocals

Lita Ford became a rock star at a very young age when she joined the Runaways, an all-girl rock band, as they started to record their debut self-titled album in 1976. She remained with the band until they disbanded in 1979. While the band did not achieve superstardom and only had one hit with “Cherry Bomb,” the band would be a spring board for the solo careers of Joan Jett and Ford. While only the lead guitarist in The Runaways, Ford took voice lessons and embarked on a solo career. In 1983, she released the album Out for Blood. The album failed to chart but she released a 2nd album in 1984 titled Dancin’ on the Edge. The single “Gotta Let Go” would help the album reach #65 in the US. Ford continued to tour and record following this album but a follow-up album was scrapped due to production problems. She switched labels from Mercury Records to RCA Records and would record her most successful album, 1988’s Lita. The album would spawn two top 20 hits, “Kiss Me Deadly” at #12 and the duet with Ozzy Osbourne “Close My Eyes Forever,” which would hit #8. The album would reach #29 in the US and would go platinum. Her follow-up in 1990, Stilletto, would not fair as well but did reach #52 behind the single “Hungry,” which would just crack the top 100 at #98. She would return quickly with 1991’s Dangerous Curves, which would fail to chart. While the album sold poorly, one single, “Shot of Poison,” cracked the top 50 at #45 and would be her last Billboard hit. Two other singles from that album did not make the charts. A greatest hits album would follow in 1992 titled The Best of Lita Ford. She would take a break until 1995’s Black album, which again did not reach the charts. This would prove to be her last studio album. Lita took a break from music until 2008 to raise a family. However, there has been talk of a new album. She returned to the road last year with a few select dates and she does plan on touring the US this summer.

Billboard Hot 100 Singles
1988 Kiss Me Deadly #12
1989 Close My Eyes Forever #8
1990 Hunger #98
1991 Shot of Poison #45

Mainstream Rock Hits
1988 Back to the Cave #22
1988 Kiss Me Deadly #40
1989 Close My Eyes Forever #25
1989 Falling In and Out of Love #37
1990 Hungry #14
1991 Shot of Poison #21

Did You Know?
Lita’s real name is Carmelita Rossanna Ford.
Aldo Nova played synthesizer on her 2nd album Dancin’ on the Edge.
VH1 named “Kiss Me Deadly” the 76th best hard rock song of all time.
Don Nossov and Myron Grombacher, bassist and drummer from Pat Benatar, played on the album Lita.
Nikki Sixx co-wrote “Falling In and Out of Love.”
Lita made an appearance on Twisted Sister’s A Twisted Christmas album in 2006 in the song “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”
Lita was married to W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes.
She is now married and has two children with Jim Gillette from the band Nitro.
Lita told that she hopes to have a new album by this summer.
She also told them that she wants to do 75 dates this summer.
Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead co-wrote her song “Can’t Catch Me.”
Lita played Rocklahoma in 2008.
She will be the 3rd former Runaway to play Moondance after Joan Jett and Michael Steele from The Bangles.
Lita was born in London, England on September 19, 1958.
She covered Alice Cooper’s “Only Women Bleed” on the album Stiletto.
Mike Chapman, who co-wrote several Sweet hits, wrote several songs for and was the producer for the albums Lita and Stiletto.
She turned down an offer from VH1 in 2007 to appear on The Surreal Life.

June 5, 2009 at the Sweden Rock Festival
Larger Than Life
Black Widow
Can't Catch Me
Gotta Let Go
Back to the Cave
Falling In and Out of Love
Hellbound Train plus drum solo
Mr. Crowley (Ozzy Osbourne cover) intro
The Ripper
Close My Eyes Forever
Kiss Me Deadly
There's Only One Way to Rock (Sammy Hagar cover)

July 8, 2008 in NYC
Lita's setlist was as follows:
1. Larger Than Life
2. Hungry
3. Gotta Let Go
4. Black Widow
5. Can't Catch Me
6. Falling In And Out Of Love
7. The Ripper
8. Only Women Bleed (Alice Cooper cover)
9. Back To The Cave
10. Playing With Fire
11. Fire (Jimi Hendrix cover; Carmine Appice on drums)
12. There's Only One Way To Rock (Sammy Hagar cover; Dee Snider on vocals)
13. Close My Eyes Forever
14. Kiss Me Deadly

My Take:
I missed out on The Runaways when they were popular and I also can’t remember Lita Ford’s early solo career. But I can remember hearing Lita and Ozzy Osbourne on “Close My Eyes Forever” when it first came out and being blown away. A true quality rock duet is hard to find and that is one of my favourite duets of all-time. Lita capitalized on the hair band movement at the right time with that song as well at “Kiss Me Deadly.” Those two songs were very popular when I was in high school. I’m surprised with all the concerts I went to during those years that I did not see her live but I never did. I’m pretty sure I owned a copy of her hit album Lita on tape though. Sometime in the last year I found it on CD and have given it several listens and those two hits aren’t the only good songs on it. I like “Back to the Cave” and “Falling In and Out of Love” as well. I am now going to find a copy of her greatest hits so I can become even more familiar with what she will bring to the stage at Moondance. I happened to see her last year on VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show and she gave some insight into what she has been doing since dropping out of the music scene. I admire her because she took off a lot of years to raise a family which should be applauded. She looks great and returned last year with several shows that received positive reviews. There has been talk of a new album as well so I’m guessing she will preview some songs at the jam. Friday night should be a good night of rock at the jam. Depending on who else is signed, I would think she would be a better fit to kick the night off at the 5pm slot. She is excellent on guitar and I’m sure would get the crowd pumped up with an early set.

Videos: – “Close My Eyes Forever” video ... re=related – “Falling In and Out of Love” video ... re=related – “Kiss Me Deadly” live ... 37&index=9 – “Larger Than Life” video – “Close My Eyes Forever” live 2008 ... re=related – “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” live with Twisted Sister
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Re: Lita Ford

Postby RichieRich » Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:26 am

Chris I was waiting for this write up. I can't wait to be up front for this show.
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Re: Lita Ford

Postby Chris » Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:06 pm

New setlist from June 5 at Sweden Rock Festival now included in my writeup.
The music brought me to Moondance Jam. The people bring me back.
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