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Opinions of Rockin 18

Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby DrSkank » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:01 pm

Davage wrote:Ian... What is your opinion of the Rockstar access ticket you had?

i'd be interested also, whether the perks were worth that amount.

maybe next year they can do something like the platinum vip at rockgonewild. add some brass poles to billy's backstage bar

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Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby Andy (London UK) » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:19 pm

I did Moondance for the first time this year and all I can say is, you lucky people if that was a below par Moondance. You would be very unlikely to get a three day festival with that range and quality of classic rock acts in the UK for that price. I loved the friendly atmosphere, felt the tribute acts in the beer tents (especially Bad ANimals, Freebird and Mountain Ash) added to the fun, and the festival is about the right size and I love the fact you can get up the front for general admission.

That brings me on to my second point which is comparing MDJ with Rock Fest, which I went to every year between 2000 and 2004 and again in 2006. Had the time of my life there and both festivals are equallly friendly, but MDJ has the edge for two reasons. One is that at RF the front 25 rows are reserved seats for VIP- OK you get great food and free booze (not much use for me driving to the hotel each night) for the price, but you are paying a premium to be near the front. Plus for most of the acts during the day, they play to a half empty front area with most people in the campsites or the food tent and it is harder to generate an atmosphere.

Second, RF has deliberately moved away from pure classic rock and features a lot more 'contemporary' acts. Well you can keep your shouty bands with their 'cookie monster' vocals, as a 42 year old I know what I like and the likes of Journey, Kansas, Priest, Foghat and Grand Funk delivered it last week.

Thanks for listening!

Andy from England
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Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby Chris » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:59 pm

Andy!! I was hoping you made it back safely. I tried to find you Saturday but never found you. It is great to hear a positive comparison to the "other fest". I too like the setup of Moondance and it was one of the reasons I was drawn to it 5 years ago. I am glad you had a great time and it was fun meeting you and meeting Shooting Star together. Next year, if you come, you need to stay at a local place that gives shuttles so you can partake in a few beverages! Northern Lights Casino does a shuttle. The place I stay (Trapper's Landing Lodge) started a shuttle this year too for free!

Are you going to do a review of the jam at
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Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby Lisa! » Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:12 pm

My opinions are brief. Had an awesome time but next year I'm having a better time!

Enjoyed ourselves so much at Camp Howler didn't see all the bands, oh well. Wish there were two of me to split the time, but it is what it is.

Really enjoyed Judas Priest ~ what a show! Journey was awesome, the singer is fantastic!! Sheryl Crow blew me away, really would like to see her again some day! Dancing in the sand with my Jammer buds and CH'ers to Grand Funk was a blast!! Thought Ozzmosis guy was quite funny actually. I know I saw bits and pieces of a lot of other bands, but those are my highlights.

Best band to dance to, the Minnesota Whiskey Pigzz!! Such a fun time!

All the Jam friends we only get to see but once a year, so much fun to hang out...just not enough time and it goes too damn fast. Getting to see Don & Jean ~ dancing thru VIP, what a gal ~ was a blast, too. Had a few Jammers wave and say Hi Lisa, must've known me from here cuz I don't think I know everyone yet... The Meet n G was a success, as was the G Fam Champagne toast!

Next year, BIGGER & BETTER!

So... plans are underway for the return of our Half Moon Looooooonacy... tentatively scheduled for Jan 15 & 16, 2010, at the NLC... better get the ball rolling on booking a band, huh?! :D

ummm, how does one exactly go about that?!?!?! Oh, Mr. B?!?!?!?
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Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby IanR » Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:56 am

Rockstar passes - yep there were a few hiccups, but there always is with a new product (I'm just looking forward to seeing how my soccer team copes when we play our first home game and when season ticket holders have swipe cards for entry and not paper tickets as we have had for years).
It was great being in the backstage bar and watching the performers wander about before coming on stage. The stage box was fun, no lines to get up there, and you did get the goodie bag etc. On the downside, and I mentioned this to Bill, you may have expected that with the RS pass you would have been given priority for certain things, meet n greets etc, but this wasn't the case. I've only had one other experience of this kind of deal, that was at a one-off gig in England, so I can only go on that experience, which was better. You were escorted everywhere, seats, food & beverages, access etc. However the cost of that pass against the RS pass was much higher even just for a one night event.
Will I be doing it again next year, in honesty I don't know, but that's not because of any bad experiences this year. If anything will be for financial reasons. I'm sure the powers that be will take note of everyone's comments, make changes and iron out those wrinkles.
I haven't booked as yet, as I'm still counting the cost of this year lol, but I will be back as normal next year, VIP or RS. :D
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Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby pink flamingo » Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:48 am

Lisa! wrote:Enjoyed ourselves so much at Camp Howler didn't see all the bands, oh well. Wish there were two of me to split the time, but it is what it is.

I hear ya, Lisa... our first time camping on the Jam grounds and I was surprised how many bands we didn't make it into the concert area to see (part of that may have been the line-up... but, also, too busy partying w/our Camp Howler/Camp Hippy friends & our awesome neighbors)! I liked that our campsite was perfect for still hearing them, however, and that I got to see more of the Saloon bands (in past years, staying off the grounds, we usually only came in for the big names).

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Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby Davage » Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:09 am

I have been to Moondance Jam twice. Both times I did the VIP experience. Basically, starting at 2PM I went into the VIP area and didn't leave until Midnight.

This past Jam, a couple of times I took a walk back through the camping area in between bands, and saw the huge parties that were still going on in the camping area while there were no bands on the main stage. I was missing out on a lot of fun by just hanging around in the VIP area. I have even opened up to the idea of just buying a General Admission ticket when I attend again so that I spend more time in the camping area partying instead of waiting for the next band to take the stage while I sit in VIP. (Just toying with that idea... 8-) )
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Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby Whysper » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:33 am

Only been to MJD twice and haven't even considered doing VIP. I like to mingle with the masses and don't even like the VIP concept. I guess it's the closet socialist in me :shock:
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Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby Jamminfan » Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:01 pm

We've done VIP in 4 of the 10 years that we attended. It's only gotten better each year, with the great food, stage-box, meet and greets (when you can get them), shelter from the rain/wind, etc. I've only heard complaints about two aspects of VIP - one is that it is a little crowded at times, and the other is the issue of people "saving" a string of chairs (usually the front row of VIP) while they are running around for hours at a time (and the seats sit empty for those long periods of time). Then they come back and have a fit if someone is sitting in "their" chair. Hopefully, someone can come up with a solution for that.

Because of these issues (and because it's lots of fun as well), we tend to mingle with the masses up front, sit up on the hill, hit the saloon and vendors, and maybe even tour South Reserved once in a while, and only hit VIP for the beverages, food, bathrooms, and an occasional run up on the side-stagebox.
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Re: Opinions of Rockin 18

Postby Whysper » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:45 pm

Now I know this is probably not the best place to ask this, but are RockFest and MDJ always at the same time?
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